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Daycare Curriculum

As a certified Quality First daycare, we believe in developing all senses of a child. This is is done by having the following areas in each room: dramatic play (dress up), kitchen, reading area, numbers area, blocks area, and arts & crafts. Children learn not only the basics of pre-k, such as numbers, letters, colors, etc, but learn to associate these basics with real life experiences and situations to better understand them. Our staff is constantly having conversations with children to develop senses and cognitive development.

Staff at Jardin Angelical never forces a child to do anything. If a child does not want to participate in an activity with the rest of the children and staff, they are allowed to work on whatever they want. These are Quality First’s Guidelines. When a child is misbehaving, staff does not put child in time-out.

Daily Schedule

children eating breafkast

We believe in creating a broad daycare curriculum that helps children develop new skills and different parts of their brain. Each weekly schedule has a different theme.

7:30 AM- Arrival/Wash Hands
8:00 AM- Breakfast
8:45 AM- Wash Hands/Free Time
9:30 AM- Music Time
10:15 AM- Outside Play/Exercise
10:45 AM- Reading Time/Free Time
11:00 AM- Wash Hands/Lunch
11:45 AM- Wash Hands/Free Time

12:00 PM- Nap Time
2:30 PM- Project Time

3:15 PM- Wash Hands/Snack
3:45 PM- Arts & Crafts
4:10 PM- Free Play
4:30 PM- Project Review
4:45 PM- Outside
5:30 PM- Departure
6:00 PM- Close Center